Here are a handful of pictures of me and some random other people who couldn't get out of the way before the camera went "click". They're arranged in a roughly chronological format, only not conforming to that protocol when I'm not sure of the exact date, or when arranging them slightly incorrectly allows for a better punchline... Let me know if the all-on-one-page format slows you down too much. It's fine for me, but I have a fast PC and a fast Internet connection. You can also check out images of Sports Illustrated's article on my web site.

I've added some cycling shots, but didn't want to add to this already cumbersome page. You can check them out here

If you feel like checking out some shots of the (nearly) untouched Thai wilderness, soiled only by the presence of my lovely face, you've come to the right place

Mike Greenfield watering the plants as a young child
Me watering the plants, just a few (1000+) weeks ago.

Mike Greenfield and Andy Keidel dressed up for Halloween, at age 10 (or so)
On Halloween (no this was not my normal garb) when I was 9 or 10, with my friend Andy. Andy also now lives in the Bay Area, and he's grown up even more than I have.

The Greenfield family at Lauren's wedding in 1994
Embarrassingly, this is the most recent "family" shot I have - at Lauren (my sister) and Greg's wedding in May 1994. Rachel (the baby) is now seven, and she's been followed into the world by two sisters and two cousins.

Mike and Lauren Greenfield, with Murphie and Rockie in Colorado's foothills
Also from the "Colorado Collection", this shot is of me and Lauren, with her dogs Murphie and Rockie, in January 1995. I guess it goes to show they do sometimes have nice weather in Colorado in January - but I'll still take my chances in CA.

Stubby - the best dog ever. If only he could have taught me a thing or two about looking cool...

Wallie, my parents' current dog, can be a bit annoying and hyperactive at times. But she's pretty darned cute too.

Mike Greenfield, fashionably outfitted in 1996-97 Stanford 6th Man gear
Ah, the memories of freshman year, and Stanford Basketball's pre-commercialized 6th Man Club. Where have you gone, Brevin Knight? (I know - to some unexciting NBA franchise)

Mike Greenfield and Greg Patselas at the 1998 Preseason NIT, prior to the game between Stanford and North Carolina
With my friend Greg at the 1998 Preseason NIT. UNC beat Stanford for the title (you can probably guess who I was rooting for).

Mike Greenfield lifting niece Rachel Feldman
Giving my niece Rachel an "airplane" ride.

Jeff, Nathan, Alan (behind camera), and Mike (can't remember last names) hiking in Yosemite
Hiking in Yosemite. This was in 1999, my first time there. I finally made it back several times in the summer of 2002 - lots of cool stuff to see . Just don't expect me to comb my hair.

Players from the Stanford Squash Club, holding no trophies after the club's first season in 1998-99
The squash team/club holding no trophies in April or May 1999. The idea was to show a contrast with the years to come. Definitely a corny moment, and definitely not my idea, although it worked out from a Hollywood standpoint.

Mark Goldenson and Mike Greenfield, showing the future of Stanford Squash
Mark Goldenson and I placing a hopeful banner up outside the courts, minutes before the above shot was taken. Mark founded the Stanford Squash Club in 1998, and was both my predecessor and my successor as club president.

Mike Greenfield, preparing his grand sales pitch for Stanford Squash
Waiting for incoming freshmen to come by, so I can tell them about the wonders of Stanford Squash. Boy am I a terrible salesman.

Bill Greenfield, surrounded by three of his granddaughters - Allie Lanham, Rachel Feldman, and Debi Feldman
My father (the one in the middle) with my nieces (left to right) Allie, Rachel, and Debi.

Mike Greenfield, finishing the 2001 San Francisco Marathon
Finishing the 2001 SF Marathon. You'll see the line right in front of me, and me checking my watch - just before I cross that line. Does that make me (a) way too competitive, (b) not competitive enough, or (c) just plain stupid? No need to actually answer that question. And just because I am competitive: that guy behind me who doesn't look like he should be able to keep up with me was finishing a shorter race, not a marathon :)

Mike Greenfield, maybe five miles into the 2001 SF Marathon
This picture goes to show that even if you pay ten bucks for a 5x7 print, you still may get crappy quality. But at least it satisfies your curiosity by giving you a sense of how I looked during the above marathon, at slow shutter speeds.