Ed was Santa Claus. That should be pretty obvious.

Monique was the Easter Bunny, which is slightly less obvious.

John was the Tooth Fairy, which, from this picture, is completely non-obvious. This is him calling Kristin's hotel room from the lobby, 15 seconds after Monique called Kristin's hotel room, from the other side of the lobby.

Kristin was i, the square root of (-1). She got a lot of questions throughout the night about the donut on her head and the sqrt(-1) on her back. People asked if she was "undefined", told her that was impossible, and showed all around astounding mathematical insight.

Walking toward the Castro.

We were successful in finding the thousands and thousands of people on the street!

John, trying to incite a riot.

Ed and Monique were frequently walking in front of John, Kristin, and me, and got a number of yells of approval from people who really like mass destruction. I don't think they got the message (if you don't get it either, scroll down, and hopefully you will).

The Oaktown Public School Bus was a favorite.

This costume says it all...

This picture and the following one were taken with someone dressed up as a milk carton, with a sign for the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction. We of course had to get a picture.

I'm dressed up as Elvis. I think that was a little more clear from up close than it is from this picture, although it still probably wasn't the world's most convincing costume.

As we were leaving the Castro, a "married" couple yelled out to Ed (Santa) that they had been waiting for him all night, and needed to get a picture taken with them. He obliged, and I figured I should get a shot too.

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Finally, the five of us in all of our glory. Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - imagine that...

Riding back to Kristin's hotel on BART. By this time, it was way past all of our bedtimes.