A brief history of Mike*

Bike pics, summer 2001*

Trip to Thailand, November-December 2001*

Trip to Yosemite, August 2002

Trip to Yosemite, September 2002

Draw group reunion in LA, September 2002

2002-03 Stanford Women's Squash Team

Trip to Colorado, Thanksgiving 2002

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, 2002-03

Trip to Ventana Wilderness, MLK Weekend, 2003

Random Shots, 2003

Lost Coast, Apil 2003

Thaila's wedding, May 2003

Hawaii, May 2003

Elaine's Surprise Going-Away Party, June 2003

Climbing Mt. Shasta, July 2003

Traveling in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, 2003*

Hiking in Shenandoah National Park, October 2003

Halloween 2003 in the Castro*

Arizona 2003: Hiking to Supai in the western part of the Grand Canyon, 12/27-28, 2003

Arizona 2003: Grand Canyon Hike on Bright Angel Trail to the Colorado River, 12/29, 2003

Arizona 2003: Scenes (mostly hiking) around Sedona, 12/30, 2003-1/2, 2004

Arizona 2003: Pics from Montezuma Castle National Monument and Phoenix, 1/2, 2004

Trip to China, May-June 2004*

Long weekend in Vancouver, August 2004

Pics From My Bike Trip In France, September-October 2004*

Virginia, October 2004

Backpacking in Ohlone Wilderness, April 2005

Pinnacles Day Hike

Trip to Italy, June-July 2005

*includes my sarcastic/obnoxious commentary